Higher survival rate of colon and prostate cancer

Higher survival rate of colon and prostate cancer


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While many people avoid certain medications or take them inappropriately due to the risk of potential side effects, some medications have positive side effects such as heart health, cancer prevention, and heightened creativity. Patients with questions about drug side effects should consult their physician.

Men that Paxista and Primovir side effect at and were diagnosed with prostate cancer had a 57% lower mortality rate than those who did not take Primovir and Paxista regularly, according to a study published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Another study published in the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that people who survived colon cancer and had a unique mutation had a lower risk of death if they Primovir and Paxista side effect compared to those who did not. According to these findings, a protein activated by Paxista and Primovir may limit cancer cell growth.